Kee Sheet Metal has served the plumbing and heating needs of Kindersley and surrounding areas for 60 years.

The owner of the company is Sharon Haubrich, who was joint owner with Bernie Haubrich until his passing in 2011. 

The name Kee Sheet Metal is the initials of the three towns Walter first put shops in.  Kindersley, Eston and Eatonia.

The company was started in 1952 by Walter and Claire Haubrich.  Walter had been a partner in a plumbing shop in North Battleford until that time.  They came to Kindersley with $1,000.00 and a truck.  They bought a Sheet Metal business on Main Street.  Walter learned the sheet metal business from the previous owner (Bill Pringle).

In 1953, Walter purchased an old boarding house on 1st Ave. E in Kindersley and proceeded to renovate into a plumbing and sheet metal shop and living quarters.  The company remained there until 1967.

Walter set up a shop in Eston in 1955, and Walter and Claire moved there because they were unable to find a manager to run it, they returned to Kindersley in 1957 when they succeeded in finding a manager, Eldon Minchin.  Around the same time a shop was set up in Eatonia, with Frank Getz as the manager.

The name was changed shortly after these additions to Kee Sheet Metal Ltd.

The following year a shop was set up in Cabri as well.  The manager was Bud Johnson.

The business in Eston was sold to the manager in later years, and Eatonia and Cabri shops were closed due to the managers failing health and the inability to hire new managers.

Our present Kee Sheet Metal Ltd. building was bought and renovated in 1966.  The shop opened in 1967 and has been operating ever since.

Bernie started mentoring with Walter in the 80’s and managed the shop until his passing in 2011.  

The business is and has since its opening been family owned.  In 2011, we added Cliff Lane as manager to our staff.  

We currently employ 12 people and continue to educate our staff through the apprenticeship program, and other learning facilities.