Kee Sheet Metal has served the plumbing and heating needs of Kindersley and the surrounding areas for 59 years and looks forward to celebrating 60 years of service in 2012. Sharon Haubrich, owner of the company, reflects on the past history of this long serving business to Kindersley and the area.

Walter and Claire Haubrich started this company in 1952 and were joined in the 1980`s when their son Bernie took over as manager. It was their desire and ability to provide good product and service, along with a lot of hard work along the way that has contributed to the success and longevity of this company. Bernie managed the company up to January this year and his passing has ended the era of management by the family. The business will remain family owned but with Cliff Lane as manager and with the skills and dedication of a staff that bring 235 years if combined experience in the plumbing and heating field, Kee Sheet Metal will continue to provide the great service that we are known and respected for.